Daily Intake to Maintain Health Earlier

It is often said that good daily intake is able to maintain health earlier. Yes, your food consumption is not only influencing your body weight but also your condition in general. When we are still young, this is something that we often forget. Indeed, whether you believe it or not, what we consume today will determine our body condition even decades later. Based on that fact, make sure you are careful from now. So, how is the good daily intake?

To maintain health earlier, your everyday meal must fulfill some requirements of balance nutrition. In other words, they should contain the carbohydrate and fat for energy source, vitamin, mineral, protein, and water for the balance of metabolism system. Even if you are in a diet program, it doesn’t mean you must avoid fat at all. Just fit it with your daily activities. Harder activities mean that the consumption of carbohydrate and fat should be more. Meanwhile, if you are just sitting down in the office, don’t consume those substances too much.

Fruits, vegetables, and grains are then really recommended as the source of vitamin, mineral, water, and fiber. Besides, make sure that you consume more pure water at least 8 medium glasses in a day.

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